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There are two kinds of Crowdfunding ... Fiat Donation based & Crypto Equity Based


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About Donation Based Crowdfunding


Donation-based crowdfunding is a way to source money for a project by asking a large number of contributors to donate a small amount to it. In return, backers may receive token rewards that increase in prestige as the size of the donationincreases; for small sums, the funder may receive nothing at all.


About Crypto Equity Based Crowdfunding


Equity crowdfunding is the online offering of private company securities to a group of people for investment. ... Equity crowdfunding is a mechanism that enables broad groups of investors to fund startup companies and small businesses in return for equity.


NOTE:  There is currently a "Fix the Crowdfunding Act" bill in that has passed the House and is now in the Senate.  When it is approved it shall raise the amount you can raise from "non-accredited" investors from $1M to $5M.


If you would like to learn more about Crypto Equity Crowdfunding join us in Sedona in our E-Vents.


All Crypto Security Tokens welcome:



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